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Meet Tap Truck, the coolest way to serve drinks at your next big event

Meet Tap Truck, the coolest way to serve drinks at your next big event

Picture this: it’s a casual sparkling San Diegan day, and you’ve got your shades on and your smile wide. The one thing you’re missing is a choice IPA in your hand. Then your sun is blocked, and the roar of a vintage engine cuts to a sputter and stop. Some local surfer dude pops out of a 1965 Chevy Suburban as blue as the waves and grabs a beer mug. Like a laid back mad scientist, he pulls a lever – on the side of the Suburban – to fill the mug with a frothy beer and hands it to you. Sounds like a dream come true.

That’s me with one of the founders of Tap Truck, one of the coolest concepts I’ve seen while photographing for weddings, birthdays and events. It’s the next unique idea that will bring on that “wow” factor you’re dreaming about for your next big thing.

It’s a lifestyle.

Before you read any further, you should know that Tap Truck is not for you if you’re looking for a traditional, by-the-book event or wedding. Tap Truck is for those who enjoy the San Diego way of life: meaningful experiences are the top priority, which includes being surrounded by friends and family, laughter, and an appreciation for the little things that make the day beautiful.


Park, pour, sip. That’s really all that needs to happen for you to enjoy Tap Truck. You just pick the spot, and Tap Truck can wheel in, park it, and start filling up cold beers or chilled wine immediately. With up to five beverage choices to pick from, every guest will find a drink they can truly enjoy, and they can even grab a few refills before the day is up!  

Cool factor.

Not only do you get to choose from several top-rated local breweries/wineries, but you get to drink straight from a historical automobile that symbolizes the sweetest sentiments of the U.S.A. What’s cooler than a vintage American classic that rolls up to your event, stocked full of multiple beverages that you love to drink, with a dedicated bar/car keep that will serve them to you with a smile? Not much else, that’s what.


Good team building means better business – just ask Portfolio Hotels & Resorts

Good team building means better business – just ask Portfolio Hotels & Resorts

Whether you work to live or live to work,

…You depend on others to get the job done. That job requires at least forty or more hours a week of being around each other, overcoming obstacles, and brainstorming together. Team building is already done every day in the workplace, but when a company dedicates an event to the subject, it can expect prosperous results in productivity and morale.

Portfolio Hotels & Resorts is a successful hotel management team that focuses on their guests, team members, and investors. With their San Diego location closest to where I work, this management company covers coast to coast. I recently worked with Portfolio Hotels & Resorts to snap their motivational event and sales conference, Choose to Win.

Choose to Win gave its attendees the opportunity to improve their sales, better their customer service, and take time for team building. While its main focus was about improving celebrating its best practices, its work-hard-play-hard ambiance reassured employees that this company is definitely worth working for.

The company hired marketing experts, Aspire, to put together an elaborate sales and customer service training. Portfolio team members not only significantly strengthened their skills and education, but raised their esteems and confidence levels and credibility.

They also elected party masters Hello! California to organize an exceptional awards and celebration event that made its guests feel like rock stars. Each award was showered with confetti, strobe lights painted the crowded dance floor, and every face boasted a smile. As my camera collected the camaraderie throughout the night, it became apparent that professionally-planned team building events like this one are why talented people stick around in a company.

This hardworking group of people seem to enjoy working towards a single goal, together, for a company that they know cares for them. Portfolio Hotels & Resorts is doing it right, creating powerful bonds between their staff for the company’s benefit. It was an uplifting event with a team of ambitious leaders; I’m still dusting the confetti off my camera!

Special thanks to Aspire and Hello! California for creating an unforgettable sales experience for their clients!

What customers want to see on your website, with Chrome Dome

What customers want to see on your website, with Chrome Dome

Laurie Barron of SimplyStyledSites.com and I are teaming up for the upcoming release of a revolutionary customer’s website. Chrome Dome, a small but top-quality company based in the San Diego area, is hitting the swim industry with a fresh idea: protecting your head while you swim. Their swim caps are made of flexible, breathable, and effective fabric that gives swimmers a reliable solution for the thing they love to do most. Now they want to expand their brand to the online marketplace, and are doing it the right way.

They are lifestyle oriented.

Chrome Dome’s website isn’t just showing their products. The website will be showing how their products fit into the various lifestyles of people that love the water. Whether you’re out for an icy swim near the pier, a refreshing dip on your way home from work, or training for that bucket list triathlon, your Chrome Dome is ready for action when you are. 

They are transparent.

There is no strings attached to Chrome Dome’s product. They sell the ultimate swim cap for whatever kind of swimmer you are, and that’s it. The idea of a simple, yet extremely useful, product that improves someone’s standard of life and happiness is what makes Chrome Dome a great example on creating a customer-oriented website.

They are customers.

The makers of Chrome Dome know their products inside and out, because they use Chrome Dome in their daily lives. Any online marketing is best done if the marketer lives, breathes, and uses the product.

Laurie has years of experience in developing effective, stunning websites from start to finish. Contact her on Simply Styled Sites to update your average website to a game-changing one.

Award-winning smiles captured on camera

Award-winning smiles captured on camera

From the “I’d like to thank the academy” speeches to the “Hardest worker – Bob in accounting” plastic plaques, awards ceremonies are meant to be captured, no matter how big or small a company/association is. For this company event at the Prado at Balboa Park, event photos were only part of a delightful event between coworkers.

People seem to forget that outside of work, coworkers are regular, fun-loving people. Take them out of the office, and look at how much more alive some people become. These event photos reveal honest, cheek-lifting smiles between the attendees.

When those regular, fun-loving people are in a place where it’s finally ok to not focus on work, people really bond with one another. A coworker learns that her cubicle-neighbor volunteers at the local animal shelter. The VP talks to an entry level tech, which leads to an insightful discussion about world travel. In the moment, the attendees have no idea how much they are strengthening their team, but in the event photos, the evidence is obvious.

Company events bring a company together, increase loyalty, and leverage employees’ abilities to work on a team. Really think about it–people work a lot harder for their friends and family over work. Events like these, people really connecting–those are friendships and relationships forming, too, as you can see in the event photos.

Your company event can be a rager or a small get-together–hire a photographer like me to document the event. The event photos that come from it will make it worth while, and you can see the relationships forming in every picture.

How to become the best dressed male

How to become the best dressed male

As a photographer, I snap a lot of pictures. Some of them include finely dressed gentlemen, enjoying the best days of their lives, a company event, a friend’s best day of his life, and more. Dressing sharp is imperative to treating a big life event as important, so here are things I’ve found look great both on and off camera.

Not all guys, but a number of guys like to talk “best dressed male”, but just don’t walk it. Just to clarify, no, wearing Converse sneakers under your blazer and pants is not acceptable to wear to your buddy’s wedding. Yes, not shaving before the company party is alright–sometimes. Prints can be great in moderation, too. Need some pro tips to help you achieve the best dressed male label at your next big event? Read below.

Multiple patterns make you look like you know what you’re doing. Mixing tasteful patterns can create a very artistic and tasteful look, as long as the patterns aren’t too crazy. Just be aware that too many patterns may pose a problem, and if your patterns are too bold, you may wind up looking like Bozo the Clown. If you feel like going the extra mile, Google a color wheel to see which colors compliment each other to get your ultimate suave on.

Go bold or go home with that tie. A clean, plain suit and plain shirt are always a sure win, but if you’re going for best dressed male, make yourself stand out with a tie that will make people do a double-take. A bright color or sophisticated pattern will be all you need for a quality, unique outfit.

It’s five o’clock somewhere. If you have a full five o’clock shadow, you will look more mature and the skipped shave will compliment your jaw line. Beware: too long of stubble, and you may pass as a Viking in a suit.

Give yourself a subtle, personal element. Personalized cuff links, cool socks, a personal memento in your suit pocket, or other little memento will not only build confidence in yourself, but keep people wanting to know more about what you have on. Those personal touches also get people to want to know more about you, too.

Skinny ties are the future. A skinny tie makes you look leaner and gives your outfit a modern flare. Make it a silk skinny tie, and you will be oozing of “best dressed male.”

2017 Top Tech Exec Awards, a view from the lens

2017 Top Tech Exec Awards, a view from the lens

The 2017 Top Tech Exec Awards took place at the  Petco Park in San Diego on May 11. Thanks to Sara Brown of Sara Brown Events, me and two other talented photographers took part in capturing the best moments of the gathering. While technology executives highlighted the brightest of the industry, the San Diego Business Journal kept tabs on who won what and the night’s memorable moments.

In regards to event coolness…where do I begin? While Cox Cable team members played Foosball with Batman and Wonder Woman, Nick Hardwick and some live music glowed under fireworks over the outfield. Between visiting some of my favorite superheroes, listening to motivating speeches, and a parachute landing, I was in photographer heaven with so many exciting activities to capture. Tech wizards and known talents alike melded in the home field of the San Diego Padres, as Eder Escamilla, myself, and others enjoyed the prestigious event by snapping pictures of attendees.

As for the real reason of being there, we photographers were far from unimpressed as we watched deserving nominees receive outstanding recognition. Awards to San Diego community staples, like Dr. Christopher Longhurst of UC Health, Tim Bochard of Glacier Water, Laura Spencer of Lakeside Union School District, and more humbled all that listened. Snapping pictures of the Top Tech Exec Awards honorees required minimal effort as speakers glowed on top of a professional, modern stage that echoed every word throughout the Padres’ stadium.

It’s professional events like these that get me looking forward to what ideas may come next, what technology will help our world be better, and what good our future will bring. Thanks again to Petco Park for the second-to-none venue, Sara Brown Events for accommodating a record-breaking attendance, the 2017 Top Tech Exec Awards for promoting the best of San Diego’s tech community, and San Diego Business Journal for the literary coverage. And of course, thank you to all the award winners for their contributions to my home, San Diego and the companies they have advanced.


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