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Elena’s and Kevin’s Sun-Soaked Wedding and Rosy Love Story

Elena’s and Kevin’s Sun-Soaked Wedding and Rosy Love Story

It really is sunshine and roses for these two…

February 1, 2020 marked a momentous moment for my clients Elena and Kevin: they tied the knot in the midst of a beautiful, fun-focused wedding. On top of having a blast photographing these two, I also got to hear all about their adorable love story and their rosy engagement.

The start to a bright future

Kevin, a graduate from USC, and Elena, a UCLA alum, set up a date through a dating app, instantly hitting it off during their first experience with each other. Between poking fun at whose team would win – Bruins or Trojans, and placing bets on the future of the rival universities, sparks flew for these two and they would never look back since. One of their first dates was in San Diego, which would come back to play a part in their future (hint, hint!)

A budding romance

Elena and Kevin discovered how much they love just being a couple together. Whether Elena put on House Hunters or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or Kevin played The Office or Seinfeld, the pair enjoyed watching the best things on TV with their soulmate by their side. They also discovered their love to meal prep, to peruse Costco and Target, and to travel.

When Kevin was courting Elena, she mentioned her love for the Berkeley Rose Gardens, and how she always dreamed of a romantic date there. Well, Kevin took note, and when the time felt right and they were visiting the area, he bent down his knee to propose to her in her dream date location! He also surprised her post-proposal with a celebration lunch between them and both their parents in San Francisco.

 A sunshine-filled wedding

One year after the proposal, Elena and Kevin celebrated their wedding at one of my favorite San Deigo gems, Prado at Balboa Park. Their top-of-class wedding planner, Lindsay Johnson of First Comes Love Weddings and Events, did a masterful job coordinating their navy, hunter green, blush, dusty rose, and mauve wedding colors, along with executing what seemed to be a flawless event. To top it all off, Elena and Kevin made sure their wedding was a joyous, carefree party for their guests, all of which seemed to have an amazing time throughout the celebration!

Elena and Kevin, whenever your honeymoon is, I hope you both have an amazing time. You’ll have to throw your own “ragers” at local markets and bazaars, depending on where your destination winds up! It was an honor to be your wedding photographer, and I’m excited for what great things lie in your future together! Cheers to you both!


Vanessa and Luis: A Glorious Church Wedding and a Family-Focused Celebration

Vanessa and Luis: A Glorious Church Wedding and a Family-Focused Celebration

I can still hear families laughing and church bells ringing.

I don’t mean to brag, but I had the best time photographing the ultra-sweet and fun soul mate couple, Vanessa and Luis, for their wedding at the glorious Our Lady of Guadalupe church and their family-focused reception at the 60’s-themed-gem known as Kings Inn. Their love story is nearly fairy tale, and their wedding day was the essence of a perfect event!

Vanessa and Luis first met through a mutual friend during their college years. As the spark between them caught fire, they discovered how much they loved to simply be together, whether it was spending time with one another, being foodies together, or catching flicks together. They especially loved outdoorsy activities, with their first date under golden rays at the beach. And later on, when they both knew that they had found their soul mate, they were engaged during a romantic trip in Cabo San Lucas.

In mid-January of this year, I photographed Vanessa and Luis as they were wedded at the prestigious and holy Our Lady of Guadalupe church, after a first look and a few portraits in Balboa Park. The church’s historic architecture and stained glass windows brought out the smiles on Luis’ and Vanessa’s faces, along with their warm, romantic and inviting wedding colors of burgandy, blush, and white. The fun continued with their reception at Kings Inn, where family was the focus of a laid back, relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere. I couldn’t take a bad picture if I tried – Vanessa and Luis made the entire day about having fun, about being with family, and of course, about the love they share for each other and everyone that celebrated with them. Congratulations to you both, may your life together be filled with outdoorsy fun, beach days, delicious foods, movies, and of course, being together!

P.S. Vanessa and Luis, thank you both for the amazing review. People like you two make me absolutely love what I do, and I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I can’t wait to see what comes next for you both, and I can’t wait to capture the next chapters of your life on camera very soon!

Snowy frontier to sunny beach: Leslie and Jared’s dream wedding

Snowy frontier to sunny beach: Leslie and Jared’s dream wedding

Looking for Alaska San Deigo

I’ve got another amazing love story for you: Leslie and Jared, the soul mates from Alaska that wanted their dream wedding in sunny San Diego, surrounded by their kids, family, and friends. From what started as an algorithm-spurred brunch followed by a romantic pawn shop peruse, these two found the perfect partner within each other, and after building a life together equipped with laughter, children, and sleep, these two just finished throwing the wedding of their dreams at the Prado at Balboa Park.

Skiing+napping+sarcasm=the ultimate love spark.

Leslie and Jared filled me in on their favorite things to do together, which easily explains how much fun they were to work with! They thrive on laughing with one another, combining parenting forces, skiing, hiking, biking, and other cool Alaskan outdoorsy stuff. Oh, and they are both proven sarcasm experts.

Bringing Alaska to San Diego

Jared and Leslie dined at the precise restaurant that they visited on their first fancy date. Jared had so much more than a Groupon in his pocket: he popped the question to Leslie! From there, the duo set out to orchestrate the wedding of their dreams. Fun fact: destiny would have it that their daughter be born exactly five years after the proposal! And, they blew themselves and their guests away by bringing elements of Alaska to the breathtakingly historic Balboa Park and by having an interactive celebration for every single guest, especially their kids, to participate in. Bonus fact: these two were married January 11, 2020 – marking their six-year anniversary! 

Leslie and Jared got ready and had their very sweet first look at the US Grant. Leslie even got to have a first look with her boys! The famiy-centric wedding focused on fun and play, while staying classy and graceful. Bliss Events‘ Ashley coordinated a jaw-dropping environment for the bride and groom, with notes of deep rasberry reds mixed with greens and other earthy tones based off the natural beauty of Alaska. To include their family spirit at the wedding, Jared and Leslie made sure their kids as well as their other guests played important, real roles throughout their celebration.  And, if you ask any of the younger guests of the wedding, those hula hoops, games, face painting and that play area made for a great party scene!

This happy couple’s story was so much fun to learn about, and what a sweet, creative wedding I was able to witness. To Leslie and Jared, congratulations you two! Wishing you and the kiddos many naps, laughs, and powdery ski trips for many years to come.

Hailey and Tyler’s Beachy Bohemian Wedding

Hailey and Tyler’s Beachy Bohemian Wedding

Ballerina Meets Party Foul.

Tyler and Hailey met at a college Halloween party. The ballerina (Hailey) and party foul (Tyler) got to talking, and soon a relationship blossomed. They found out how much they love to bake together, watch scary movies together, and adore their rescue Corgi, Leo, together. They discovered how much they love hiking, camping and exploring new restaurants with each other too.

A Garden Proposal.

Tyler popped the question during their trip to Miami, Florida a little over a year ago. Surrounded by the stunning greenery of the renowned Vizcaya Gardens, Hailey was completely caught off guard when Tyler asked her to marry him. To Tyler’s delight, she said yes!

50% Beach, 50% Bohemian, 100% Romance.

With bohemian scents of lavender, rosemary, and pink roses drifting through the air under a clear blue sky on the beach, Hailey and Tyler tied the knot in a lovely, sweet, free-spirited fashion at Hotel Del Coronado. Their dusty rose, gold, sage, and cream wedding colors superbly matched the vintage water color elements and wood accents of the glimmering beach and sunset. Hotel Del couldn’t have been a more picturesque location for this laid back celebration of love.

Personally, I had a blast watching guests tear up the dance floor to a live band, enjoy edible cyclones of cotton candy, and party with the newlyweds on the toasted sands of San Diego’s esteemed historic (and extremely picturesque) hotel. And extra kudos to the wedding’s event planner, Korie, of Bliss Events, for coordinating a flawless event filled of fun and romance! 

Sweet like cotton candy and classic like Hotel Del, Hailey and Tyler are the perfect pair in so many ways. May every day together feel like a day at the beach, and your future smell as delicious as rosemary and lavender! Congratulations you two, it was so much fun working with you and I’m so thrilled to see what comes next for you both!

Elegant Simplicity: Malihe & Amine’s Intimate Church + Country Club Wedding

Elegant Simplicity: Malihe & Amine’s Intimate Church + Country Club Wedding

Elegant, sacred, and intimate.

Those three adjectives come to mind when I reminisce about Malihe and Amine’s recent wedding day. These two envisioned an elegant and simple wedding and reception surrounded by the love of their friends and family, and their wedding knocked it out of the park, or should I say, country club.

Over 150 guests joined Malihe and Amine at the St. Therese of Carmel Catholic Church to witness their eloquent wedding ceremony. The two’s exchanging of vows under their faith meant so much more than words can say, to themselves, to their church, and to their loved ones. From the church, guests and the wedding party headed over to the Del Mar Country Club for a tasteful, spark-filled, romantic reception with the bride and groom. The night included unique elements like a drum line entrance, live music, belly dancers, and a sparkler tunnel! Ivory, blush, and notes of gold wedding colors brought an extra warmth and end-of-summer crispness to the aura of the reception, too. It was a sweet close to the day full of connecting with loved ones, dancing, and of course, looking forward to the exciting future ahead for Amine and Malihe.

This wedding had a couple of noteworthy hires that completely blew away the happy couple, their guests, and myself with their phenomenal talent in giving the bride and groom exactly what they asked for. The two’s wedding planner, Gisele Chalhoub, did a second-to-none job of coordinating the timeless and tight-knit wedding that Amine and Malihe dreamed about. Their all-star, award-winning band, Republic of Music, ignited the night and connected with the audience in a way that got everyone dancing and sparked fun and joy for every guest.

To Malihe and Amine: congratulations to you both, I’m so excited for your next chapter of life together, of which I am positive will be filled with love, friends, and family! You are both perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two.

Katy and Rocky’s Golden Kona Kai Wedding

Katy and Rocky’s Golden Kona Kai Wedding


They fell fast, & fell hard.

“I’m going to marry you,” Rocky assured Katy, the night they first met, at a bar nestled in Hermosa beach. That bold pickup line was the perfect one–as it seemed to foretell a romantic prophecy that would unfold soon later. It didn’t take long for these two to know they both met their soulmate. Katy and Rocky fell for each other, and fell hard. Rocky soon dropped down on one knee and asked the big question. Katy gave her answer. Their wedding day was set for September 7, 2019.

A Golden Day

These two picked the perfect day to tie the knot, on a private beach, on a breezy summer’s day at the gorgeous Kona Kai Resort and Spa. Katy and Rocky nailed the intimate, beachy and romantic wedding aura: every single guest seemed to truly enjoy the closeness and beauty of the event. And yet, their laid-back vibe hit hard, with a dance floor sitting above the sand in front of a quiet, sun-soaked harbor partially blocking the horizon. Their blissful ivory and ocean blues color scheme fit well with the summery on-the-sand backdrop, and the subtle white candles found at every reception table provided a golden glow that seemed to keep the close-knit party going long into the evening.

From September 7, 2019 onward…

What a beautifully woven relationship between Katy and Rocky. I couldn’t be more excited for them in this next chapter together, and I feel very lucky to have captured their big day. You can catch this power couple enjoying the simple things together as husband and wife: enjoying each other’s time, jogging along San Diego’s golden-flaked beaches together, and finding happiness in being a complete, happy family with their husky puppy, Yeezy! 

Congratulations, you two. A (virtual) toast to a lifetime of happiness for you both!

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