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Describe your style
As a professionally trained photojournalist, I know how to capture the emotions behind the dozens of moments that will make up your wedding day – many of which you may never see until you receive your photographs. I’ve spent years refining my craft with a focus on things like lighting, location and posing. These are the elements that truly make your images stand out. My special combination of style and structure ensures you’ll be able to relive the magic of your special day year after year through beautiful images that convey an emotional story, not just capture a scene.
Do you have a second photographer with you at weddings?
In order to provide variety in your wedding images and make sure no detail is left uncaptured, a second photographer is available with most of my packages. And that second photographer is more than just an assistant. He or she is always a trained professional with an eye to mimic my personal photography style. This ensures a seamless look between all of your images. Please inquire about packages and pricing.
Will I receive the digital files of my photos?
Yes. You will receive all of your digital files so that you can enjoy the images forever, and you will also have the ability to easily order prints from your online gallery. It’s the best of both worlds!
Will the images be edited/photoshopped?
All digital photo files will be color, contrast and exposure corrected and presented to you in JPG format via an online gallery. Filtered images made popular today on social media platforms like Instagram are trending right now, but may not always be en vogue. That’s why I focus on capturing an excellent photo in a classic format to begin with, knowing I can ultimately turn that great digital file into anything you want using a variety of filters now available.
Do you provide video service?
I believe photography and videography are unique arts unto themselves and deserve the full attention and eye of someone professionally trained in that format. That’s why my focus is solely on capturing still images. By having a dedicated service provider for each medium, you’ll be assured that no special moment is missed. I am happy to offer referrals for some of the most talented videographers in the area.
Do you travel to photograph weddings?
Yes – I have a camera and will travel! I’m always open to destination weddings should my schedule permit. Please contact me directly to discuss dates, availability and customized pricing for out-of-area weddings.
How many images do you deliver?
On average and depending on the photography package you select, a total of 600 to 800 images of your wedding will be delivered.
How long does it take to get the images delivered after the wedding?
The typical turnaround time for your full suite of images is six weeks from your wedding day. But because you’ll be anxious to see images sooner, I provide a complimentary sneak peak mobile album with a selection of your best images about two weeks after your wedding. Not only will you get a preview of your images, but you’ll be able to share the mobile album quickly and easily right from your phone. (Note: Mobile album does not apply to Collection I package).
Are the images posted online for friends and family to see?
Yes. Your online gallery will be posted about six weeks from your wedding day. You’ll be able to share the gallery with friends and family, who can access the password-protected site themselves. If your package includes the mobile sneak peak album, you will be able to share that as well – right from your phone or tablet!
Do you offer any discounts?
Because my pricing is already competitive, I do not discount listed rates. There are times when customizing pricing may be necessary due to unique circumstances or travel requirements. These will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. As thanks for serving the community, I offer a free 8×10 print for active military, teachers, police officers and firefighters.
How much are your wedding packages?
Rates range from $1,900 to $6,000 and beyond depending on your needs. Please contact me directly to receive a comprehensive price list!

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