Wedding photo inspiration can come from anywhere.

Brides-to-be scour the globe, usually via internet, for ideas on the perfect event. And while every bride has her own unique vision of matrimony perfection, millions of examples can be found of how it will look with a click or tap of the finger. Those examples are almost always in the form of images, so you can imagine how important wedding photography is in the idea-gathering process. Many of my clients specifically utilize the power of wedding websites, Pinterest, and Instagram for their wedding photo inspirations. Here are the details of their searches:


Instagram is another great wedding photo inspiration source. It offers the added bonus of getting to peak into your potential wedding photographer’s best work not seen on his/her website. Popular wedding-focused hashtags, like #weddinginspo hold all the topics: dessert trays, reception sparklers, altar decor, seating signs, and more. Instagram’s interface makes scrolling through images a breeze, so surf a hashtag until you find the photo that ignites your wedding inspiration. I guarantee you you’ll find it.

Wedding Websites

Wedding websites are great ways to look at broad topics that shape the specific vision you’re dreaming of. If you are looking for inspiration specific to your area, check out local wedding inspiration websites for the best and most feasible ideas. Many of my clients check to see what has to say about wedding trends, colors, venues, etc. For example, top sites like and contain a surplus of wedding blogs and photos specific to their styles, like rustic, casual, and modern. Reviewing these sites can help you determine the kind of wedding photos you want to collect during your wedding.


Couples utilize Pinterest for inspiration two times more than any other social media platform ( Why? Because Pinterest covers it all, from napkin rings to entire venue locations. Searching the small things such as “wedding table settings” will bring as many relevant photos as wide-ranging topics like “wedding photo ideas.” Wedding photo inspiration is easily found here, where you can mold your own thoughts on your wedding photos with Pinterests’ detailed search results.

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