The Royal Trend in Wedding Photography.

In the aftermath of the biggest TV event this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding still has viewers reminiscing over every detail. Of course, one of my favorite elements of their wedding was, you guessed it, their photography! The snapshots of their engagement and wedding reignited one of my most cherished trends, monochrome wedding pictures.

bernardo winery wedding barn

My camera’s monochrome, or black and white (b&w) feature is one of my greatest weapons for a few reasons. One big one would be that you look better. Subtle flaws or color conflicts are eradicated in monochrome wedding pictures. Clients can look even more flawless using the black/white spectrum of this photography trick.

Monochrome photography also adds a timeless feel to your wedding photos. Vintage crossed with elegance, black and white photography is always a classic. The contrasts of light and dark conjure eye-popping beauty that color can’t always compete with.

black and white candid bride and groom

Finally, b&w wedding pictures capture the essence of truly enjoying a memory. The emotion felt in a captured moment you spent with your bride/groom on your wedding day doesn’t always need color. That moment captured will last forever, even when colors fade and wrinkles form as time ticks away.Those moments are better felt when looking at your monochrome wedding pictures.

pinterest worthy wedding couple brant bender photography

The royal newlyweds broke the internet and TV with their fantasy wedding. They caused worldwide awe with their sweetest moments captured on camera. Their monochrome wedding pictures not only induced emotion in viewers, but sparked an appreciation for one of my favorite photography tools, black and white photography. Don’t forget to snap a few black-and-whites of your own in your upcoming big day, and no matter what, feel royal about it!

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